GÜLMER LOGISTICS TRANSPORTATION Since 1985, we have adopted our experience in all branches of the sector we are in, at every stage of the companies we serve, and have adopted it as a principle to be with them whenever they need.

Today, our company successfully continues its domestic operations of its customers, especially in the logistics field. It is the most important criterion of our management understanding to make customer satisfaction a basis for ensuring this success to be sustainable. Our company, which stands out with its experience in the rapidly developing logistics sector and with its innovative management approach, aims to offer the most suitable solutions to the demands and needs of its customers, and tries to minimize logistics costs by providing its customers to focus on their main activities and to create competitive advantage in today's market conditions. Our service purpose;

With the high quality, effective and efficient logistics network we have established, and our expert and innovative staff, our aim is to be the constant solution partner of our customers in every field.

Gülmer Logistics in the sector; is an actor who provides effective, high quality and customer satisfaction oriented service with its expert staff and dominates the national 4.PL logistics processes.


  • Karaduvar Neighborhood 65194 Street. Gülmer Logistics Terminal Gülmer Plaza No: 4 33020 Mersin / TURKEY
  • (+90) 324 238 81 91 pbx
  • (+90) 532 468 42 00 pbx
  • (+90) 541 468 42 00 pbx
  • bilgi@gulmer.com.tr
  • (+90) 324 237 27 42