Our Mission

We aim to provide added value to the companies we are solution partners and to be the company that sets the bar in service quality. Within this framework, we always create the most effective way of working with new different solutions and raise the bar of the service offered to the companies we work with.
To unite the industrial cities of our country with the Mediterranean from the port city Mersin.
Delivering the right information at the right time.
Providing added value to solution partners.


Our Vision

As GÜLMER LOGISTICS, we evaluate the companies we work with, not as customers, as our business partners, we are structured according to the needs of the companies with which we are solution partners, and we establish long-lasting partnerships based on trust.
While evaluating our work to make the difference and make a difference, to be preferred, we take care not only in terms of finance and operation, but also in harmony with the environment and nature.
As GÜLMER LOGISTICS, which was established with local capital, we have a constantly growing structure in service in order to create more jobs and provide employment for the development of the region we are in.
Our company, which started its services with transportation, has created new business areas with its investments in the field of Heavy Transport, Container Terminal and Storage, thus, it also serves the community welfare in the region.


Gülmer Logistics in the sector; is an actor who provides effective, high quality and customer satisfaction oriented service with its expert staff and dominates the national 4.PL logistics processes.


  • Karaduvar Neighborhood 65194 Street. Gülmer Logistics Terminal Gülmer Plaza No: 4 33020 Mersin / TURKEY
  • (+90) 324 238 81 91 pbx
  • (+90) 532 468 42 00 pbx
  • (+90) 541 468 42 00 pbx
  • bilgi@gulmer.com.tr
  • (+90) 324 237 27 42