Laughter Logistics experienced staff, all in accordance with EU norms and environmental standards Euro 5 and Euro 6 with Turkey's self-owned vehicle fleet, providing logistics services to every point. Our company, which has a wide service network, has adopted fast and safe transportation as a principle in road transportation. When necessary, it combines all kinds of weight, volume or size load with land, sea and rail transport services and delivers to the destination safely. Modern technological fleet, strong organizational structure with optimum cost and Turkey to deliver goods to all points in time. It provides on-line follow-up to its customers with its continuously developing technology infrastructure. With its expert staff, Gülmer Logistics organizes the appropriate transportation vehicle specific to the cargo and the sector, and provides full-time delivery and door-to-door delivery services.

• Container Transportation

        By providing fast service to our customers in container transportation, we create added value by lowering the port warehouse costs. We track the products from the moment they arrive at the port and take them to our field safely and quickly. Our personnel, who are aware of our responsibility starting from the moment we receive the containers from the port, check your containers while they are receiving. In products that are not suitable for transfer; We carry the containers we receive from the port directly to your site.

        The vehicles are monitored with a 24/7 GPS system and our customers are informed.


• On-line tracking system

• Wide service network

• Possibility to combine with different transport models

• Fast and reliable service concept

• Environmentally friendly modern car park


-   Regular partial import and export shipments
-   Complete import and export shipments
-   Transit downloads
-    Combined downloads
-    Uploads with ADR


Gülmer Logistics in the sector; is an actor who provides effective, high quality and customer satisfaction oriented service with its expert staff and dominates the national 4.PL logistics processes.


  • Karaduvar Neighborhood 65194 Street. Gülmer Logistics Terminal Gülmer Plaza No: 4 33020 Mersin / TURKEY
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