Ship owner, carrier
    Agency: An organization operating in any port on behalf of the shipowner and its representative
    Co-Loader: It carries out the freight of freight forwarders by consolidating them with its own load.
    Forwarder: The organizer company that carries out the operation of road, airline, seaway, railway transportation, customs and insurance services, and has an active agency network.
    Bill Of Lading (B / L): Seaway bill of lading
    Master B / L: Main bill of lading
    House B / L: Interim bill of lading
    Bulk Loading: Bulk loading in conventional freight transport
    Broker: Broker, intermediary between shipowner and loader
    Loading and Unloading Terms
    Free In (FI): Loading cost at the port
    Free Out (FO): Unloading cost at the port
    Liner In (LI): The cost of loading belongs to the shipowner.
    Liner Out (LO): The discharge cost belongs to the shipowner.
    Stuffing: Stacking, placing the load in the container
    Unstuffing: Emptying the inside of the container
    Port Terms
    Storage / storage at the port
    The Demurrage Ship exceeds the loading and unloading time granted to him or the cargo waiting in the container is not cleared from the customs before the given time.
    Free Time Free time. The time that the load can wait before entering the demurrage. Demurrage is applied in timeout.
    THC (Terminal Handling Fee): Handling fee at the port

    Due to customs regulations in Turkey Temporary Admission of goods subject to customs status of the container are required. For this reason, the cost of customs clearance that occurs when a container is removed from the customs area at the port or brought back to the port. Freight Terms
    CAF: (Currency Adjustment Factor) Including fluctuations in the US dollar in the freight
    BAF: (Bunker Adjustment Factor) Including fluctuations in fuel oil prices in overseas in a certain rate
    War Risk Surcharge (WRS): Additional fee charged in addition to freight for flights to ports with war risk.
    High Cube Surcharge: Additional charge for High Cube container
    IMCO Charge: Additional fee demanded by the ship owner in dangerous goods transportation
    BEAM: Full width - the widest part of a ship measured transversely.
    BAF / BUNKER ADJUSTMENT FACTOR: Fee to balance the increase in fuel prices.
    CAF / CURRENCY ADJUSTMENT FACTOR: Difference fee set for adjusting the exchange difference for UK installations.
    CLEAN ON BOARD: The load is loaded clean, undamaged.
    DEADWEIGHT CAPACITY: Total ton weight of the load, fuel, water, roller blind (caliper tools) loaded up to the maximum permitted water of the ship, the lifting capacity of the ship in terms of weight.
    ETA / EXPECTED TIME OF ARRIVAL: Estimated arrival time.
    ETB / EXPECTED TIME OF BERTHING: Estimated time of approaching.
    FILO / FREE IN - LINER OUT: Loading costs belong to the tenant and the evacuation costs belong to the owner.
    FIFO / FREE IN - FREE OUT: The condition that the carrier will not be associated with the loading and unloading expenses of the ship.

    FIOS / FREE IN AND OUT STOW: It is not related to the loading and unloading expenses of the carrier, including the stack. It is used especially in bulk loads. FCL / FULL CONTAINER LOADED: Single loader / receiver.
    FCL / FCL: Single loader / receiver.
    FCL / LCL: Single loader, multiple receivers.
    IMDG Code: It is the abbreviation used for the goods containing flammable, corrosive, flammable and explosive chemicals in its content.
    LENGHTOVERALL: It is the distance between the head and stern end points of the ship's boat.
    LINER TERMS: Loading and unloading costs belong to the owner.
    LINER IN: Installation costs belong to the owner.
    LINER OUT: Unloading costs belong to the owner.
    L / C NO: Letter of credit.
    LINER SERVICE: The ship that makes regular voyages between certain ports.
    LINER B / L: The bill of lading that covers certain conditions in loading forty.
    LILO / LINER IN - LINER OUT // LINER TERMS: Loading and unloading expenses are covered by the shipowner.
    LIFO / LINER IN - FREE OUT: The costs of the loading belong to the shipowner (the owner), the costs of the evacuation and the tenant and the buyer.
    LCL / LESS CONTAINER LOADED: More than one loader / receiver.
    LCL / FCL: Multiple loaders / single receiver.
    LCL / LCL: Multiple loaders / multiple receivers
    ON BEHALF OF: Installing someone else on behalf of the installer.
    PRE CARRIAGE: Pre-transportation fee from the seller's warehouse to the loading port.
    PRIMEJ: The export will change from the freight cost to the commission received by the agency.
    PLACE OF RECEIPT: Where the load was first loaded.
    PLACE OF DELIVERY: Where the load was last discharged.
    PORT OF LOADING: The port where the cargo is loaded.
    PORT OF DISCHARGE: The port where the cargo was unloaded last.
    SEA FREIGHT: Sea freight.
    SHIPPER'S OWNED CONTAINER: The installer's own container.
    SHIPPER'S STOW, LOAD AND COUNT: The goods have been stacked, loaded and counted by the loader.
    THC / TERMINAL HANDLING CHARGE: Container handling fee at the port.

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