GÜLMER logistics transportation trading limited company we are an affiliate AKMER logistics services Ltd. Şti Our 18.000 m2 open area is the closest open storage area to Mersin port. Among our services, which are diversified according to the sensitivity and priorities of our customers, Container / terminal is the area where we are ambitious with 2 full and 1 empty machine.

We are ready to provide you with quality service thanks to our software that is easily integrated according to customer needs and our hand terminals that will be activated soon.

Container Loading / Unloading

Gülmer Logistics is aware of the sensitivity of the containers to be loaded elsewhere, except for its own sites, and has established its service level within the framework of these priorities.

Security Our field is secured 24/7 by independent security companies and is monitored by camera systems.
Sturdiness The timely sharing of all the control stages that start when the products are received with the customer prevents the separation of the damaged products and the possible victimization of our customer.

Discharge While the products are discharged, their payrolls are kept and stacked accordingly, and our customers are presented with reports at the end of the day. How much products our customers have in our field is informed to them after each move. Thanks to the successful implementation of the Cross-Stocking method and the trainings we provide to our staff periodically, we reduce the error that may occur in the distribution network to zero.
Cleaning We check the cleanliness and integrity of vehicles and containers guided by our customers, as well as we check the cleanliness and durability of every container we take to our site. If there is a problem, we immediately report the situation to our customer and take action according to their demands.

Gülmer Logistics in the sector; is an actor who provides effective, high quality and customer satisfaction oriented service with its expert staff and dominates the national 4.PL logistics processes.


  • Karaduvar Neighborhood 65194 Street. Gülmer Logistics Terminal Gülmer Plaza No: 4 33020 Mersin / TURKEY
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  • bilgi@gulmer.com.tr
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